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Children and CAT112

The CAT112 website has introduced interactive games for the young (and not so young) to memorise the emergency telephone number and learn when to call and when not to call. The different games are separated in the main menu into two age groups (0-6 years and 7-13 years) and, once inside, they can choose between memory and association games, puzzles and word searches.

In each age group, there are three different puzzles with the cartoon of an emergency (a mountain rescue, a traffic accident, a fire...) and they show specific situations in which the emergency telephone line should be called with drawings.

In the memory game, they have to pair up situations in which they should call 112 and those in which they should not, as well as pairing up the emergency professionals who work – police, firefighters, doctors, civil protection, rural agents-, and the different emergency vehicles. Furthermore, each time they connect to the webpage, the memory game puts the pieces in a different order and as such, the children can have a go as many times as they want without repeating the game.

The word search hides six words related to 112 and the association game helps them learn, always with brightly coloured pictures, the message of when they should call the emergency line (gas leaks, robbery, accidents at work, missing people, illnesses) and when they should never call (pranks, to request information, medical procedures, etc.).

It is very important that children know what the 112 emergency line is, what it is used for and when it should be called and when it should not. It is the same number in all European Union countries, and it is therefore particularly useful that they know it if they go abroad. CAT112, a public company that manages the 112 emergency line in Catalonia, makes available to young people, parents and teachers this learning tool in order to share an essential public service. A child who is informed is a child who is protected.