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112 Accessible

At the 112 Catalonia Emergency Call Service and Management Centre we have implemented two applications for smartphones with a view to facilitating access to the 112 Catalonia emergency telephone line. With this system, we guarantee the universal access of all individuals, whatever their situation, to fundamental services such as emergencies.

The first application, presented in 2013, allows the deaf to communicate using the 112 emergency line through pictograms, videos in sign language in Catalan and Spanish, and a geolocation service.

The application operates through three pictograms that correspond to the three most common reasons for calls to 112: medical emergencies, police emergencies and those related to firefighters and extinguishing fires. When the user has selected the appropriate option, they can choose various situations, for example abuse, assaults, suicides, accidents, fires or illnesses, etc. With this application we improve the independence of the deaf, who can now collaborate with their fellow citizens.

You can request this service from the Federation of the Deaf of Catalonia (FESOCA, in its Catalan acronym) through its website, since the entity is in charge of distributing and channelling the tool to the 32 member associations, from the Provincial Association of Individuals with Laryngectomies of Lleida through its website, and from the Catalan Federation of  Associations of Parents and Deaf Persons (ACAPPS, in its Catalan acronym) through the email address: administracio@acapps.org.

Sending SMS to 679 436 200

Download the pocket guide

Sending a fax to 900 500 112

Send the document, in which you can indicate the type of emergency by marking the specific picture.