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When you should call

When you should call

When you call...

1. It is better that you call yourself and not through an intermediary, in order that the information provided is more complete. Try to call from a safe place and remain calm.
2. Dial the number 112 directly; no prefix is necessary.
3. Wait for the operator to answer the call. Be patient, don’t hang up or call back. This may greatly delay the service.
4. Give your name and contact telephone number, and briefly explain what happened.
5. Answer the questions that the operator asks you and follow the advice that they give you.
6. Do not hang up until advised to do so.
7. If the situation deteriorates or changes, call 112 again.

When several people have already called 112 to report the same accident or emergency, our operators may only ask you if you have any useful additional information. We act as such to free up the telephone line more quickly and guarantee a fast response to the next emergency call.

In compliance with Article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your details when you call the 112 phone Catalonia will be incorporated into the “Phone Management and Support Center calls 112 Catalonia” file, which aims to record the calls made to the service of emergency calls via the telephone number 112 and which the 112 Catalonia Emergency Call Service and Management Centre is responsible for. You may exercise your rights of access, correction, objection and cancellation in writing, including your National Identification Number, to: Centre d'Atenció i Gestió de Trucades d'Urgència 112 Catalunya, c. Diputación 355, Barcelona 08009, or via e-mail lopd.cat112@gencat.cat.